1 Year in Consulting, What I’ve Learned

Ashini Tennakoon
3 min readMay 13, 2021

Just as I am coming up on my first year in technology consulting, I reflected on my experience and goals for the year ahead.

Heading into the world of consulting as a freshly graduate, I knew the learning curve would be steep. I was up for the challenge since I knew, I was taking on a role I would surely enjoy.

1. The learning is incredible

A never-ending cycle of learning, where you constantly amaze yourself with the knowledge and expertise you now possess. With every team I worked with, I gained the most by making sure I was uncomfortable. To me, comfort meant I wasn’t being challenged, I wasn’t taking on new roles and I wasn't learning.

2. You can’t ever be a perfect communicator

Communication is so personal; working alongside numerous individuals in such a short period of time, I bumped many heads along the way. I soon realized not everyone thinks the same way I do or the same way my peers do.

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As a team player and a leader, I found working closely with each individual, allowed me to communicate better with them. Of course, this experience allowed me to communicate more efficiently with the next person, but I found myself constantly amending the way I presented my ideas, with each new individual and team.

3. Saw fantastic leadership

With the many excellent leaders I worked with, I saw the clear divider between a leader and a boss. The leadership is truly inspiring, to see such an emphasis on mental health, personal growth and transparency, allowed me to thrive all while encouraging me to focus on myself. Coming from the work all day, sleep when you die culture, this refreshing way of working ensured I put self-care first, everything else came after.

4. Speaking up

Being confident in your abilities and speaking up to share contradicting ideas leads to better outcomes. Not to forget, speaking up for yourself is most important. Not effectively standing up for yourself will negatively harm your learning, growth, and professional relationships.

5. Resources are ALL AROUND YOU

Anything is possible with hard work, but working smart will allow you to innovate 10 times more! I learned the value of my personal and professional network. With any task that seemed impossible, I already knew someone that can make the process seamless, it was a matter of reaching out and seeking guidance.

Looking forward to the year ahead and to continue on this journey of growth while making a positive impact! 😃

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